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Sunday evening I was in the middle of a construction project, holding some pieces with wet glue and an absolute disinclination to remain in the position which destiny had decreed they assume when my wife walks in and says that the Director of the Senior Center has decreed that she produce me at the Senior Center promptly.   Hmmm.   This was obviously some setup, but the Senior Center (I'm on the Board, was Treasurer, and, of course, have to leave all that when I move) had made a very nice recognition at the Annual Meeting not long ago.  But.  One does not mess with the Director.  I meekly abandoned my project, replaced my rather grubby outer layer with a more festive one, and let myself be led off.

Got down there.  Walked in.  Bunch of folks I mostly didn't know.  No Director.  Someone comes up - it is the Ambulance Crew.

I've made a couple of posts about the dunking booth these folks run at our annual festivities on Labor Day Weekend.  I did it again this year, too, but don't have any new pictures.  The lady who comes up says they're having their holiday party and want to share it with me in appreciation for my efforts.  Uh-huh.  Nice dinner.  Afterwards, presentations, and, to compress, I am now an honorary member of the Ambulance Crew, with a handsome plaque to prove it.  They don't take me out on runs, so central VT folks can rest easy.  Arthur Fiedler I'm not.

I am very honored.  And successfully bamboozled again


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