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 I greatly admire the movie version.  I posted a rant some time ago that it wasn't out in DVD.  It now is.  I have my copy!!  Rant hereby withdrawn.

They did this version on stage, and a DVD of that has been available.  But the production values of that release are not good.

This one was designed as a movie and benefits greatly.  (although the ending is rather Blazing Saddlish - I value Gilbert and Sullivan and what Ronstadt, Kline, Azito, Lansbury, Smith, Rose do with their material).   Azito got left off the credits on the cover - pity, IMHO.

The dynamic range didn't seem as wide as I recalled - but my hearing decays, and I don't trust the memory.

I recommend it.
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 The church Carol Jean attends received a new pastor recently, one whom Carol Jean highly respects.

Today's message to the children involved two friends, who discovered they were on rival Little League teams about to meet in the playoffs. The night before, each prayed that God would help their team win. The pastor's question to the children: whose side is God on? IMHO, a superb way to put a fundamental question in a way children can understand. One tyke seemed to be considering the question very seriously, but, when pressed, did not offer an answer. Pastor: I think you're exactly right!

Personal opinion: I think a prayer asking help to do one's best might be more favorably received, whether you think it is by a Spirit or by some aspect of your subconscious.
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part of a special NY Times Magazine issue on Saving the World's Women.

Can't think that they chose particularly helpful wording for the title. But the article is good and is currently at the top of the most-emailed list.

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 hat tip to dkogan     Aug 12, if you use this link later.

slight spoiler )
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Because of their God-favors-male-supremacy stance.

 Hat tip to  mmegaera.

ETA: Actually the decision was made in 2000. This is just a continuing essay on the same issue.
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These folks publish a quiz each week, different subjects. Unfortunately, the link below leads to the answers as well as the questions, so I've supplied this week's questions. I got 5 :-(

Fictional Characters
A recent addition to the Credo Reference database is the "Chambers Dictionary of Fictional Characters". All the answers to this quiz about people in books can be found there.

1. Which writer created the character Bilbo Baggins?

2. Name the heroine of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice", who falls in love with Darcy.

3. Which 1851 book by Herman Melville includes a character called Queequeg?

4. In Kingsley Amis's "Lucky Jim", what was the surname of Jim, the struggling university lecturer of the title?

5. Which novel by Charles Dickens includes the character Little Nell?

6. Which 1951 novel features a rebellious 16-year-old called Holden Caulfield?

7. Name one of the two children - a brother and sister - who are the young governess's two charges at Bly in Henry James's "The Turn of the Screw".

8. Which author created the character Professor Timofey Pnin in his 1957 novel "Pnin"?

9. What are the names of the two "merry wives" in Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor"?

10. Claudia Hampton is a character in which 1987 novel by Penelope Lively?
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 Joyeuse13 is running another survey, this time on participants' understanding of some terms.  Her post describing it is here:
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 Many of you know about these - this is for those who don't, yet.

You can buy, almost anywhere, cheaply in bulk, inexpensively in small packages:  cleaning cloths, purportedly made of "micro-fiber".

Sounds like a marketing scam?  Probably some of them are, but I haven't found those yet.

They clean very well, pick up dust and hold on to it (until you wash them) and can be used with and without cleaning solutions.  Good for dusting, cleaning, glass, monitors, wood floors, etc.

I'm not going to write an essay; do a search on "microfiber cleaning review". 

I am very much into recycling and would much prefer, normally, to use for cleaning something I used to wear or sleep on.

But these things are very much worth the price and can be re-used themselves.  I have yet to throw one away.

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The State Association
 had declared a convocation
At a well-located hotel
 here upon a certain date.
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a novel by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows,  published in 2008 by the Dial Press.

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Sunday evening I was in the middle of a construction project, holding some pieces with wet glue and an absolute disinclination to remain in the position which destiny had decreed they assume when my wife walks in and says that the Director of the Senior Center has decreed that she produce me at the Senior Center promptly.   Hmmm.   This was obviously some setup, but the Senior Center (I'm on the Board, was Treasurer, and, of course, have to leave all that when I move) had made a very nice recognition at the Annual Meeting not long ago.  But.  One does not mess with the Director.  I meekly abandoned my project, replaced my rather grubby outer layer with a more festive one, and let myself be led off.

Got down there.  Walked in.  Bunch of folks I mostly didn't know.  No Director.  Someone comes up - it is the Ambulance Crew.

I've made a couple of posts about the dunking booth these folks run at our annual festivities on Labor Day Weekend.  I did it again this year, too, but don't have any new pictures.  The lady who comes up says they're having their holiday party and want to share it with me in appreciation for my efforts.  Uh-huh.  Nice dinner.  Afterwards, presentations, and, to compress, I am now an honorary member of the Ambulance Crew, with a handsome plaque to prove it.  They don't take me out on runs, so central VT folks can rest easy.  Arthur Fiedler I'm not.

I am very honored.  And successfully bamboozled again
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It is nice to have a bit of music while doing dishes, but tonight I made the mistake of putting on the Stratford DVD of The Mikado.

The music is, of course, superb.  But so is the acting and choreography.  I kept sneaking rather extended peeks and my chores were thereby extended.

The Stratford G&S DVDs are indeed a blessing.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 12:09 am
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I posted in July that we'd be moving, and various consequences have kept down my posting, although rather a lot has been happening.  One thing is implied in a profile change:  I am no longer a Village Trustee, although I have agreed to help them out with electrical matters for a while, and I spent an hour on the phone today with non-electric municipal concerns.

So I'm intending to make a series of posts to memorialize some of these events.

This resolve was triggered by something that happened tonight. )
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1037 at 10:45 am, not all absentees fed in yet.

A little over 2000 voted in the general election of 06.

There are over 3000 names on the checklist, but I don't know how well purged it is.  They do try, but it is difficult in a rural town with a college.

I have one totally non-random exit poll from Indiana:  1 previous Bush voter is reported to have voted for Obama.  You can add that to Dixville Notch to hold you until evening.

We got stickers, but mine fell off. :-{
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From many on my FL*:  I don't do this much, but, because of various activities, particularly Q8, CA:

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a non-same-sex marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow. 

I could go on about this - I, personally, think there would be virtue in allowing some civil arrangement that would allow people to set up a legal close relationship with other people, regardless of actual or presumed intimate relationships.  I was told by someone closely involved with the efforts here (VT) that it would interfere with other legal structures.  Anyway, it didn't happen. 

*in different versions, particularly, non-same-sex <=> heterosexual

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We had a spate of Vorkosigan quotes. A re-read of  The Curse of Chalion cries out for a spate of others.

One particularly appropriate for full-moon time in October:

"My chosen god is, dare I say it, fiendishly ambiguous at times . . . "
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by Roger Zelazny 1993

I think it is out of print but one can get copies.

Anyway, it is that time of year again:

from the prologue
"I like being a watchdog better than what I was before he summoned me and gave me this job."

from Ch. 1, Oct 1

"The Thing in the Circle changed shapes, finally making itself look like a lady dog of attractive person and friendly disposition."

from Ch. 2, Oct 2

"Jack has a long list of ingredients, and things must be done properly on schedule."

I can't read the next chapter until tomorrow.
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from [ profile] mmegaera

When you see a Bujold quote, post another Bujold quote in your LJ, and see how long we can keep it going.

Such riches to choose from...

I better get this in while I can . . .


(back to lurking.  Still trying to sell a house.)
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I normally do well on these.  Got all of the last one that went by.

OK, here's another.

I got a whopping 1 out of 10.

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In those areas where they are personally managed, today is actually National Lawn-mowing Day.
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